Actively do, Speed reform, Innovative development-----Yang Lin, the chairman, led his delegation to Fengle Agrochemical to research and guidance

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          On the afternoon of November 16th, Yang Lin, the chairman, lead party committee members, functional department, seed professional company and subsidiar responsible  person of more than 20 people, reasearch and guide work in production base of  Fengle Agrochemical Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration park.

           Accompanied by members of Fengle Agrochemical team, Yang Lin first went to production line, visited the products showroom, staff training room, engineering center and testing center, etc. Feng Le Agrochemical executive director, general manager Hu Huahui, who introduced the base of the development plan, construction, environmental remediation, equipment maintenance, safety and so on. Leader gave certain affirmation of factory appearance, production site management, automation and technical improvements and so on.

          Held a symposium after tour, business performance, main measures, ideas and experience and development plan and so on were reported by Hu Huahai. He do the comprehensive summary of establishment of performance appraisal, promotion of 3S management system, the implementation of amoeba management, energy saving, lowering cost and improving efficiency, personnel training, automated upgrade, information construction and so on, analysis the existing problems,  and put forward the ideas and plans for the work of 2017. He said, under the positioning of the two main industries and support of leader, Fengle will be self-pressurized, strengthen management, set target and clear responsibilities, never live up to the company's expectations.

          Yang Lin praised the spirit for not afraid of market competition, overcome difficulties of relocation of Sanhe formulation plant, Daxing synthetic plant, and heavy ingrastructure task, clear thinker, goal oriented, index increase, heavy responsibilities, actively do, fully affirmed the results achieved, encourage Fengle Agrochemical to make persistent efforts, not arrogant and impatient, to speed up the development, to make great contributions of  realization of strategic objectives of Fengle Seed industry. He asked Fengle Agrochemical technology to refine the work of ideas and initiatives, increase business goals vision, reform innitiatives of innovative ideas, operating results, propaganda work of future development, enhance corporate image, for the community recorgnition.

       Yang Lin said, Fengle had a big change in recent years, the experiences and practices worthy of each unit  reference. All units should take the initiative to play, increase the intensity of reform, innovative ways and means. To give full play to the allocation of assessment system to guide the role of the staff to make contributions to benefit, and make them do not want to leave; make that peopel initiatively leave who do not contribute to company, to form a virtuous circle of talent.

       Finally, Yang Lin raise, the form of visit and exchange is good, each unit can learn from each other, strengthen coorperation. Next step specialized company and functional department should open communication, common progress, we work together for the development of Fengle Seed to make their great contribution.

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