Circulation Park Management Committee to Fengle Agrochemical for research and guidance

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       Forenoon on November 29th, Yang Wenbao, director of Circular economy Demonstration Park, lead their members to Fengle Agrochemical for research and guidance, accompanied by Hu Huahai, Executive Director and General Manager of Agrochemical Company, Mr. Yang visited the company's exhibition hall, production plant, and held a forum in the company conference room. On the forum, Mr. Hu briefed the operating results and main methods in 2016, target tasks  in 2017 and development plan for the next three years.

       At the meeting, Director Yang made a warm speech on behalf of the CMC, Director Yang affirmed the clean, beautiful and orderly in our plant, surprised and shocked by the huge changes in plant appearance of agrochemical company nearly two months. Mr. Yang believes that the development ideas of Fengle Agrochemical is clear, clearly objectives, normal management, fully motivate employees endogenous, the results is significant, a rising star in the business park, have a bright future. Mr. Yang said, Technical products production is the core of the pesticide enterprises, very important to company's development, the park will fully support the future projects of Fengle Agrochemical. Mr. Yang asked CMC to increase the publicity of Fengle Agrochemical, show public the benchmark brand of company.

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