Hefei Chemical Industrial Association 2017 Annual meeting held in Fengle Agrochemical

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        On the morning of March 19th, Hefei Chemical industrial association 2017 annual meeting hold in Fengle Agrochemical, leadership of the association, directors and representatives of the association members nearly 50 people attended the meeting. Zhai Xinming, deputy director of the municipal trust committee, Huang Bennian, Feidong County deputy magistrate, Yang Wenbao, director of Hefei circular economy demonstration park also attended the meeting and guided. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Xiuping, honorary president of the association.

       The opening of the meeting was outlined the development of chemical industry by Hu Huahai, director of Fengle Agrochemical, reviewed the development of Fengle, introduced the upgrade of production line, new product development, marketing single product building and core store construction, and held Fengle agricultural class, showed a good trend of innovation and development, described a good prospects of company's future development.

        At the meeting, Wang Xiaosheng, vice-president and secretary-general summarized the work of association in 2016, identifid the goals in 2017, said through research, communication, consulting and services, combined with the actual needs of member units, build variety of platforms for enterprises, give full play to the association's bridge and link. Leaders of City, County and Circular Park spoke respectively, hope the association will promote the cooperation between companies and all sectors of the community in the new year, strengthen technological exchanges, build a honest and innovative company, build finacing platform, become a association that can play a huge positive energy for the development of this industry. Finally, Luo Bin, director of the association, make a concluding statement.

      After the meeting, attendees visited the quality inspection center, R&D center and production site of Fengle, gave a consistent praise. The representative people of member units have said they will study and use for refresence of the development idea and the application of advanced production equipment from Fengle, strive to make a better and strong company, make greater contributions for Hefei economy development.

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