Ministry of Agriculture to deploy wheat pest control work--" Propiconazole + Thiram 31% SC " of Fengle Agrochemical confirmed harvest

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         On April 18th-19th, the national wheat pest contriol scene hold in Hefei, Chen Youquan, deputy director of the ministry of the agriculture's crop management division, Wei Qiwen, Party secretary and deputy director of national agricultural technology center, Zhu Yongdong, deputy director of Anhui agricultural commission, Niu Yunsheng, director of Agriculture and Industry Provincial Bureau, Huang Qiuyun, stationmaster of Provincial Agricultural commissionand other leaders attended the meeting, and investigated the prevention and control of wheat scab in Guohe Town, Lujiang County. Fengle Agrochemical as the only one invited agricultural enterprises to participate in the meeting, and the anti-bacterial agent "Propiconazole + Thiram 31% SC" for wheat mildew was introduced at the meeting.

         In the observatory scene, Mr.Chen and other leaders saw the Propiconazsole + Thiram 31% SC, knew the production and operation of Fengle, gave highly appreciated for the series honors of Fengle, affirmed the outstanding effect of " Propiconazole + Thiram 31% SC" in promotion and use in the past two years.

       Influenced by the high temperature and more precipitation last winter and this spring, wheat mildew in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze river, Jianghuai southern wheat area of Huanghuai is in a heavy trend, constitutes a serious threat to the stability production of wheat. The fungicide "Propiconazoel + Thiram 31% SC" of Fengle Agrochemical was used to control the wheat mildew. The product not only has obvious anti-effect on wheat mildew, but also has a prominent effect on white powder and rust, has obvious effect on protecting leaves, anti-senile and volume increase to wheat, since it went public in 2016, it has been recognized and welcomed by the market. At the trend meeting of wheat mildew in Anhui province on March 22th, 2017, Propiconazole + Thiram 31% SC has become the key recommendation of the PPU in Anhui province.

       Protect the green life, get golden harves, Fengle "Propiconazole + Thiram 31% SC" will carry the banner of prevention and control, practice the mission of Fengle, do a good job of wheat pest control, helping the wheat harvest, protecting the interests of farmers.


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