Herbicide Fungicide Insecticide Seed coating agent
Thifensulfuron-methyl + Acetochlor 39% WP

Product name:Thifensulfuron-methyl + Acetochlor 39% WPo

Crops: Soybean, maize, peanut, etc.

Feature::Selective pre-emergency, broad grass removal spectrum, long period of effect kept, good weed control effect, and high safety to after-reap crops.

Application:Apply 1-2 days after seeding. To avoid the phytotoxicity, only pre-mergence stage can be used, and post-emergence stage applying     is prohibited.The rates of formulation is 1500-3750g/ha. First prepare the mother liquid with a small amount of water, then add the mother liquid to sprayer and stir. Try not to repeat or miss spraying.

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