Herbicide Fungicide Insecticide Seed coating agent
Imazethapyr 2.25%+Pendimethalin 32.25% SC

Product name:Imazethapyr 2.25%+Pendimethalin 32.25% SC


Diseases: annual grass and broad-leaved weeds

Featurs:here are two active ingredients with different mechanism and synergistic effect in this product. Broad grass removal spectrum, long period of effect kept and good weed control effect, convenient to use, safe to soybean.

Application:Apply on spring soybean field after sowing before emergence, spray on soil. The rates of formulation is 2400-3000ml/ha. Add 450-600kg water per hectare. First prepare the mother liquid with a small amount of water, then add the mother liquid to sprayer and stir. Try not to repeat or miss spraying.

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