Foreword - culture is power

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Culture is power

Corporate culture refers to the total of the highest goals, values and behavior norms established in the long-term production and operation activities, which are generally recognized and followed by all employees.

The construction of enterprise culture with the characteristics of Fengle Seed Industry is to adhere to the people-oriented principle, respect, understand, trust, care, motivate and cultivate people, put people in the fundamental position of enterprise development, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and realize the organic unity of personal value and enterprise goals; it is to build an excellent team with learning and innovation as the driving force to create an excellent team Building enterprise brand, establishing enterprise image, forming enterprise cohesive force, improving executive power and competitiveness are based on integrity, creating harmony, guiding enterprises and employees to further enhance the sense of social responsibility, creating good social benefits while creating economic benefits.

Give full play to the characteristics and advantages of Fengle Seed Industry's corporate culture, let the majority of employees consciously identify with the corporate culture, adhere to the enterprise concept, show the spirit of fengle people everywhere in their work, life, speech and behavior, and jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of fengle's enterprise, so that "fengle culture" and guangtongde enterprise community can enrich thousands of families.

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