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The beautiful logo of Fengle Seed Industry is composed of the imagination to welcome the harvest, the notes of joy and joy, the auspicious birds flying and singing, and the big seeds full of deep feelings.

The logo is full of life. It is not only the posture of the auspicious bird flying, but also like the vigorous stems and leaves stretching its arms towards the blue sky and white clouds. The rising rhythm and whirling motion also make people think of the strong flame. The flame is constantly growing, striving upward, symbolizing the struggle, the hope, and the happiness of sowing, cultivation and harvest.

The white auspicious bird is also a deformed "heart" word, which means that fengle people have a sincere heart for the farmer brothers. Seed industry is an industry that changes the fate of human beings, and it is also an industry full of poetry and bright colors. It shoulders a lofty and arduous historical mission.

The logo embeds the initials "F" and "L" of the Chinese phonetic alphabet of "fengle". This ingenious conception, concise brushwork and multiple moral images fully express fengle's enterprise vision of "bringing the happiness of harvest to farmers", affectionately express the lofty cause pursued by fengle people, and show their inner intelligence and self-confidence in a unique and meaningful way.

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