County party secretary Geng Yanjiang and his entourage to Fengle Agrochemical research and guid work

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       On the afternoon of February 14th, Feidong County Party Committee Secretary Geng Yanjqiang led the leader of Hefei circular economy demonstration park come to Fengle Agrochemical research and guid work, Yang Lin, chairman of Fengle Seed Industry and Hu Huahai, head of Fengle Agrochemical, attended the survey, some of the park's backbone and corperate representatives also participated in the research.

      Secretary Geng Yangqiang come to plant of our company, visited the showroom, listened to the production and operating plans, development and construction planning, Yang Lin introduced the development orientation of Fengle Agrochemical.

     Mr. Geng affirmed the development and contribution to circular economy demonstration park of Fengle Agrochemical. When he saw the aptitudes and honor, he said must give strong support in policy, asked the park to provide supporting services for transportation, firefighting, commerce and integrated service, to create a better condiion of " Space for development, environment can retain people", and hope Fengle Agrochemical will continue to maintain steady development on the premise of ensuring safety and environmental protection, create well management benefit, to contribute to the development of Feidong County and Circular Park.

    Other backbone and corperate representatives expressed their deep sympthy for the development and management idea of Fengle. They started a full exchange, have said that at government leadership care and support, we should strengthen our own rights, study and communicate with each other, promote the development of enterprises better, and promote social prosperity.

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