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  • ● core concepts
  • Pursue the brilliance of the sun and create green life

  • Fengle Seed Industry always grasps the industry characteristics and social responsibility, takes self-reliance, industry serving the country as its own responsibility, continuously innovates, comprehensively builds a strong domestic seed industry leader, an international seed industry seat, a modern large company with strong strength, advanced science and technology, talent gathering, standardized management and strong radiation, and makes fengle brand a leading brand in China's seed industry. With the eternal sunshine, we can create a green source of life and sow the vast land for the benefit of all mankind. The enterprise melts into the society, returns to the society, and always keeps pace with the times.

  • Management philosophy
  • People oriented, scientific and pragmatic

  • Taking the all-round development of people as the core, we should build a fair, just and sustainable management platform to give full play to people's potential and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises; we should listen to the voice of every employee to realize democratic management and scientific decision-making; we should treat employees kindly, care for them, and let them share the fruits of enterprise development.

  • Establish a scientific management mechanism suitable for the needs of enterprise development, so that all aspects of the work of the enterprise can be standardized, orderly, efficient and pragmatic; adhere to the consistent implementation of enterprise rules and regulations, make the concept into reality, and make management become the real productivity of the enterprise.

  • Business philosophy
  • Market oriented, honesty oriented

  • Take the market as the guidance, establishes the entire staff marketing idea and the service idea. Actively adapt to market changes, actively grasp the market dynamics, deeply explore new business areas, dare to explore new markets, and constantly meet market demand.

  • On the basis of good faith, we should consciously fulfill our social responsibility, strictly abide by professional ethics and maintain market order. Sincere cooperation, reputation of the world, establish a good corporate image.

  • Safety concept
  • Safe production and harmonious development

  • Safety work guidelines are: safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management.
  • Strengthen safety publicity and education, enhance the safety awareness of all staff, improve safety skills; establish a long-term mechanism of safety work to institutionalize, standardize and fully staff safety production, and create a good safety environment for enterprises; strengthen safety supervision and inspection, strictly implement the responsibility, and distinguish rewards and punishments; firmly establish a sense of crisis, so as to keep the alarm bell ringing, constantly grasp and take precautions.

  • Innovative ideas
  • Be good at learning and dare to surpass

  • We should learn from books, others and practice, and consciously cultivate the awareness and ability of lifelong learning, and make continuous progress; we should adhere to the combination of theory and practice, learn to integrate knowledge and skills, and fully apply the knowledge and skills learned to practical work, so as to apply what we have learned; we should not be confined to old rules and habits to bring forth new ideas.

  • Unremitting pursuit, stop at the highest good. They dare to deny themselves, multi-dimensional thinking, seize opportunities and win opportunities; they dare to challenge authority, base on real knowledge and pursue excellence.

  • Talent concept
  • Attracting talents, gathering talents, cultivating talents and becoming talents

  • We should respect knowledge and talents, attract talents in an open and inclusive manner, and try every possible means to make good use of talents; we should pay close attention to the work and life of employees, fully respect, understand, trust and love employees, so that employees can take the enterprise as their home and share weal and woe with the enterprise.

  • With a high sense of responsibility, we are committed to the common growth and growth of employees and enterprises, and actively seek and explore new channels and new methods for win-win development of individual development and enterprise development, so as to make the best use of their talents.

  • Quality concept
  • Excellent product pre service

  • Take quality as the core, always stand at the forefront of science and technology, boldly innovate, seek breakthrough, and strive to create first-class technology and first-class products.

  • Zero distance communication with customers and the market, carefully understand customer needs, concentrate on market trends, respond quickly and deal with feedback problems from customers and market, and respect and meet customers' needs with high-quality service.

  • Professional ethics
  • Diligent, dedicated, honest and self disciplined

  • Have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication to their own work. We should internalize the core concept of fengle as our life goal, take pride in being a person of fengle, and consciously regard ourselves as the image spokesman of Fengle Seed Industry. Diligent, resolute, persistent, responsible in the post; open-minded, sincere, cooperation, in the work to the best of the enterprising spirit, willing to bear hardships, dare to challenge, and strive for improvement.

  • Adhere to the principle of public and private, efficient and aboveboard. We should consciously resist unhealthy tendencies and actively safeguard the dignity of the system. Self cultivation and moral cultivation, enthusiasm and modesty, honesty and self-discipline, integrity as a model. Regardless of personal gains and losses, in order to achieve future prosperity, fundamentally realize self-worth.

  • Personal ethics
  • Honest, honest, kind and optimistic

  • Fengle people always regard benefiting others and enriching the society as their unremitting pursuit. They repay the society with gratitude and perfect themselves. They satisfy others with their own interests and surpass the ego.

  • We should attach importance to the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, seek truth from facts, and be consistent with their words and deeds. He is tolerant, open-minded, fair and impartial in dealing with various relationships. He is harmless to people and can understand, forgive and tolerate other people's mistakes. Keep a positive and optimistic attitude, always be a self-improvement, dedication, happy and confident fengle people, and fully realize our social role.

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