Fengle Agrochemical-An analytical method becomes the official method of the Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council

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Recently, the Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council(CIPAC) held the 65th CIPAC meeting. After review by experts from all over the world, the analysis method of Fengle Agrochemicals quizalofop original and emulsifiable concentrate was determined to be the official CIPAC analysis method.The CIPAC method is a designated analysis method that supports the application of the FAO/WHO pesticide standards and is an internationally recognized authoritative pesticide analysis method. Fengle Agrochemicals started to develop this method in 2018. After the 63rd CIPAC meeting small-scale verification test technology review, large-scale collaborative verification was carried out in 17 laboratories in various countries, and the 64th CIPAC meeting large-scale verification test technology review , And linked to the Internet for one year after publicly accepting practical tests by users from various countries before it was determined.In the future, global agrochemical companies will use this method as a reference when analyzing the active ingredients in quizalofop technical and emulsifiable concentrates, which will further enhance and consolidate Fengle Agrochemical’s corporate reputation in the international agrochemical field.
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